Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I learned this week and it's only Tuesday

(my weekly motherhood post, written with the idea that as mothers we process and learn so much every single minute of every day...)

* having a toddler is like having a pet monkey- the random shrieking and jumping all over you, climbing on you and sticking their hand down your shirt. (I'm hoping to not add throwing poop to this list)

* speaking of poo- I'm now in the "baby pooped in the bathtub" club, I like to think I handled it well... ; / (it was like witnessing a water birth)

*  I think we mark a baby's life in months even after a year, because each month is a huge accomplishment for everyone involved.

* to promote her solo play time in her room, dancing around playing follow the leader seems to show her other areas she can play with- for an additional 10 seconds! ; )

* We taught her "Thank You" and "please" which she uses now instead of saying "up", she will now just say "peeeese". And when I ask her is she wants more food she says "Thank You" as opposed to yes, pretty cute.

* That no matter her age (16.5 months) she will still put dirt and rocks in her mouth. (this current phase of teething is so intense she tried to chew on my shoe during a diaper change! this is very odd for 16 months! lol )

* This shrieking phase is just what it is, it's going to suck and I might be under the disillusion that I can make it go away, but like other odd kiddo things- this might just be one we have to wade out until her language picks up filling in the frustrating communication gap.

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